dscn9482James would not call himself a folk musician following any one tradition. By stealing, borrowing and interpreting both the past and present, he discovers the new. “An eclectic electric expedition through sound and story.”

Having spent nearly ten years touring as both a side man for various Canadian songwriters and in support of his own releases while living between Vancouver, Montreal and Hazelton, James can often be seen performing in urban centers and tiny rural nooks.  He is respected and loved by musicians and fans across the country for his dynamic guitar work, tenor voice & well crafted songs.

In 2009, James won the first Island Mountain Arts Songwriting competition with his song, “Shot Down The Tracks”. In 2013, he received three KMA award nominations for his third independent recording Imagineering. The record was well received by peers and longtime fans, Edmonton’s Argue Job called it: ”Calculated, expertly paced, and infused with the almost human voice of perfectly placed strings, the record is a smooth drive through the wooded wild of Canada.”

Recent festival appearances

Salmon Arm Roots & Blues

Summer Solstice Festival d’été

Tiny Lights Festival

Starbelly Jam

Verses Festival of Words

Jasper Folk Music Festival

Campbell Bay Music Festival

Midsummer Music Festival

Kispiox Valley Music Festival

Artswells Festival

“James is a storyteller with unconventional compositions and lyrics that explore the most contemporary issues in our Canadian culture, often originating in personal experiences with humanity…He is a compelling performer in show, his sharp observations delivered in a deceptively gentle manner, his voice an instrument of pure delight. His view of the world reflects his generations and I can only say the future is in good hands.”

~ David Francey

“James is a methodical, thoughtful and delightful songwriter and performer. Having enjoyed him in countless formations and ensembles, he remains a pal and an artist I’ll continue to grow alongside“

~ Dan Mangan

“James is without doubt the most genuine, humble and talented musician I have worked with… An eloquent guitar player and gracious singer, it is difficult not to fall in love”

~ Lise Monique, Wintermitts

“His professionalism is only outweighed by his unique writing and performance talent.”

~ Michael Donley, owner, Streaming Cafe

“His music is able to captivate audiences of all ages with songs that are refreshing and anything but predictable. James’ highly diverse musical abilities and down to earth sensibilities make him a stellar addition to the festival stage and to the campfire jams when the stages close for the evening.”

~ Jo-Anne Nugent, Director, Midsummer Music Festival

“This is the type of discovery you hold close and start searching for times you can throw it on amongst your closest friends.”

~ Hero Hill magazine